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Independent Medical Evaluation

● Immigration Exams

● Independent Medical Evaluations 

●VA Nexus Letters

●Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals 

(Providers certified by the NRCME)


●Pre-operative Medical Clearances for Surgical Procedures

●Pre-Employment Physical Exams:

            -Police Academy Pre-employment Exams

            -Firefighter Academy Pre-employment Exams


●School Physical Exams for:

            -Medical Students

            -Nursing Students

            -Physical Therapy Students

            -Dental Students

●Fitness for Duty Exams

DOT Medical Exam Miami

DOT Physical Exam Miami

DOT Physical Examinations Miami

DOT Physical Miami

DOT Physicals Miami

Pre-employment Exams Miami

Pre-employment Physical Exams Miami

Independent Medical Evaluation Miami

Independent Medical Evaluations Miami

Orthopedic IME Miami

Pulmonology IME Miami

Orthopedic Independent Medical Evaluations Miami

Pulmonary Independent Medical Evaluations Miami

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